Arbor nurseries

A wide and top-notch product range

Thanks to our large open field and container nurseries in Belgium and France, Arbor has a wide and high-quality product range.

And thanks to the size of those nurseries, Arbor is able to deliver large batches. There is always enough stock for large-scale projects. The range is constantly refined, expanded and optimised with state-of-the-art technology.

Arbor nurseries

Large and healthy from the open field

Our passion for greenery is reflected in our wide range of trees and shrubs, grown in the open field for optimum health and vitality.

Every tree and shrub contributes to our mission: more oxygen and a healthier planet for all of us.

Arbor nurseries

Specialist in large sizes and shapes

Arbor is among the top European growers of large, old trees and shrubs. These are transplanted on schedule and surrounded with utmost care.

Another speciality is pre-trained trees and pruning shapes. Those topiary trees look magnificent in contemporary landscaping. Arbor supplies all types and sizes at very competitive prices.