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Growing Oxygen



Tree nursery Arbor is climate-positive by definition. After all, those who grow trees at this scale remove much more CO2 from the atmosphere through this activity than they add to it.

But as a family business, we like to turn it up a notch or two. More specifically, by permanently investing in research and development to reduce our limited ecological footprint even more. It is the least we can do for our children, grandchildren and all generations to follow.

Growing Oxygen


Giving oxygen

Trees produce oxygen. Which means that by growing trees, Arbor produces oxygen. The importance and impact of this activity are impossible to overestimate. Because without oxygen, no life on earth. Period.

To be clear, we are not just talking about human life here. After all, the oxygen we depend on as humans mostly comes from the seas and oceans. But in addition to being oxygen producers, trees are also an indispensable link for the ecological balance that we depend on at least as much. 

After all, trees remove CO2 and other pollutants from the air, cool the atmosphere, filter water, store it, prevent soil erosion, host countless forms of fauna and flora and do so much more. 

Growing Oxygen therefore means much more to Arbor than just growing oxygen. Our mission represents giving oxygen to everything that can improve our life on earth. A task we sincerely take to heart every day. 

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Growing Oxygen

Our Growing Oxygen mission departs from a fundamental truth: trees, shrubs and plants are not only essential to the natural beauty of our world, but they are also crucial components in the ecological process that keeps our planet liveable. By filtering the air and producing oxygen, these natural elements play a key role in maintaining a healthy environment.

Trees, shrubs and plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air. This is the same gas emitted by cars, factories and even by us humans. Too much carbon dioxide in the air contributes to climate change, leading to a range of environmental and health problems. Trees and plants absorb this gas and use it in the process of photosynthesis, which converts sunlight into energy. A wonderful side effect of this process is that they produce oxygen – an essential element for almost all life forms on Earth.

By growing trees, shrubs and plants, Arbor actively contributes to the production of oxygen, while also helping to reduce harmful gases in our atmosphere. This oxygen factory expands with every new plant we grow, making our air cleaner and healthier. Far beyond our nursery. Where every leaf, branch and root cooperates to create a better world. 

By telling our Growing Oxygen story, we can draw attention to the vital role plants play in our ecosystem. It is a story of hope, of connection with nature and of the power we all carry together to make a difference to our planet.