since 1901

DEEPLY ROOTED by tradition

Welcome to the largest tree nursery in Belgium. And one of the leaders in Europe. 

Our family business is run by the fourth generation of the Van Dyck family. They enrich the knowledge, know-how and experience passed down from father to son since 1901 with innovative production techniques that respond to today’s global challenges.

By professionals,
for professionals

Arbor makes its services available to professional clients at home and abroad. Together with urban planners, landscape architects, garden designers and builders, property developers and public authorities worldwide, we aim to leave the world better than we found it.

We do this by sharing our expertise and providing high-quality trees and plants that we produce in a climate-positive way. And which, in turn, add oxygen to the environment where they grow. 


Over the past 50 years, Arbor introduced numerous new plant species and varieties that are more resistant to disease, frost or other threats.

The tree nursery invests intensively every year in R&D to perfect product quality, optimise processes and expand its range.

As a result, Arbor has introduced numerous new plant species and varieties, helping to reshape European landscape design. 

Growing Oxygen

Global exports

Ninety percent of our production is for global exports, with a strong focus on Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

Underlying that international success is a combination of solid market knowledge, an efficient organisation, a professional team working from a familial context, and above all: top-notch service and products of the highest possible quality.

Growing Oxygen

Ecological footprint

Arbor continuously invests in research and development of production techniques that are as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, we managed to irrigate growing trees in containers through a closed circuit, without additional sources. 

Plus, we only use machines with the lowest possible emissions in our orchards and our central location in Europe allows us to reduce the ‘carbon footprint’ of our deliveries to the lowest in the industry.

Growing Oxygen


At Arbor, we understand the power and importance of trees and shrubs to the planet. Departing from our mission “Growing Oxygen”, we are committed every day not only to growing trees and plants, but above all to contributing to a healthier, oxygen-rich environment for everyone.

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Growing Oxygen